The M.I.T.T. deep space mammoth 42 Atlas
The M.I.T.T. deep space mammoth 42 Atlas

This awesome art piece just became “Participant of CGTrader Awards” you can find everything about it on here :D hope it wins :D enjoy everybody
after many months an '`high orbit deep space'' refueling station has finally arrived at kepler-1229 b. this makes kepler-1229 b incredible valuable for deep space exploration, colonization and trading while mankind is expanding through out the galaxy.
this refueling station is known as: The M.I.T.T. deep space mammoth 42 Atlas.
These giant refueling stations not only carry fuel, but also water, food and supplies to aid other space stations and spaceships in need.
it can support it´s crew of 30 for over 15 years if necessary.
I really hope you can enjoy my project and future developments of interstellar travel :D

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