The Magnum Olympus 710K

So i'm back with another awesome vehicle for my book :D
This the Magnum Olympus 710K
It has a Maximum Speed of 710 kilometers an hour.
The magnum Olympus got it's name by scaling the Olympus months on mars in less then 10 minutes, becoming the fastest land vehicle ever able to scale the Olympus mons in less then an hour...truly a remarkable feat.
It used to be an military interceptor for urban and difficult terrain.
The incredible effectiveness in long ranged combat and interceptions made Marnix interested in the project enough to develop a magnum racer variant of it.
this proved to be difficult due to the fact a lot of safety had to be sacrificed for a more agile and faster build.
The unique feature of the heavy Tracks made it a perfect fit for the solarian cup races, known for their difficult terrain.
The Magnum olympus is also one of the longest racers in the solarian cup.