BEETLE Mobile Drone launch and Command Centre - Clay Renders
BEETLE Mobile Drone launch and Command Centre - Clay Renders

This Clay Render is also a sneak peek for my upcoming project.

The Beetle Mobile Armored platform, from Raptor Vehicles, was Developed by M.R. Industries.
This is the Mobile Drone Launch and Command Centre Setup.

Designed for long-haul fieldwork in difficult terrain, the Beetle can carry up to 8 personnel in quite comfortable conditions. although the whole system and vehicle can be operated by 1 person in total. Multi-crew outfits are recommended for optimal use.
Outfitted with anti-drone / long-range explosive weapons, it is not intended for the Beetle to engage in direct combat.
With a loadout of around 200 drones (which can be extended to 400 total), ranging from surveillance (long/short range), Suicide drones, Tactical delivery drones, loitering munition drones, and Communication extension drones. the drones are launched from 12 magnetic accelerated launch tubes which can be reloaded automatically from the storage bay in the back of the vehicle.
it is a versatile platform to deliver a tactical edge on any frontier mission or combat situation.

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