Mega city mountain pass

The environment I created last year at Opus Artz Ltd,
Developing a medieval society living in the ruins of an ancient highly developed technologically advanced civilization.
Creating some unique Mega structure buildings and possible logical structures that would make for great ruins as well.
My Job was creating a mega city or part of a mega city pre collabs. My idea was to show how smug/smoggy the environment would have become with thousands of years of industrial production. with a big part of the city being built underground, within mountains, etc trying to "preserve" the natural world. this concept is one of the entrances to the underground city, these vents also cylce air and are used to vent the heat from the underground city. it is also easy access for the starships, mainly as a trading port but can be used for military ships and other needs. the outside of these vents is being used as farms, mainly automated farms with little oversight. using the heat of the vents not to freeze so high up in mountainous areas.

I designed the cargo pods/containers used for interstellar transport as well. including the loading/unloading trollies.
I used this project to learn blender, turning the tutorial from Ivan Laliashvili into a project for Opus Artz.

USD $130.80
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